Case Studies Translate By Humans Case Study

Case Study:’s Success In Bringing Computer Science To Every Student

See how, a non-profit organisation, is leveraging our eLearning localisation services to help students access their computer science courses and material.

Case Study – Rebtel’s Increase In Customer Satisfaction With Multilingual Customer Support

Find out how the global VoIP service provider, Rebtel interacts with customers in multiple languages with the Translate By Humans app for Zendesk Support!

Case Study: InterDesign’s International Expansion

See how Translate By Humans helped InterDesign translate their online product listings & packaging labels translated from English to various other languages.


Case Study: Conquering Continents with Nutcache

See how Translate By Humans helped a tech company Nutcache in French to English document translation.

Case Study – codeSpark’s Gateway to Sweden

See how we helped codeSpark, a children’s coding app, to integrate in the advanced Scandinavian educational system with the help of English to Swedish translation & localisation.

Remember Ravensbrück

Case Study – Bridging Borders Through Translation

See how Translate By Humans helped an independent producer and director Stacey Fitzgerald make her documentary accessible to all English-speaking viewers.