Benefits Of Clinical Research Translations

Clinical research is a vital industry responsible for testing the pharmaceuticals and drugs that many of us rely on.
See how translation elevates your research

Global Reach

Help your research reach all nations and medical communities across the world by making it available in major languages.

Global standards

Meet every global medical organisation’s standards and guidelines with translations by subject matter experts.


Submit documents and presentations in the correct formats to foreign regulatory authorities for consistent standards and effective approval.

Holistic Language Services For Clinical Research

Besides translation, we offer other language services to localise your research for any language.

Multilingual DTP

Localise your digital software programs, computer-aided diagnostic tools, booklets, etc. for fast-tracked approvals and better monitoring.


Enable error-free communication between patients, CROs, and institutions for a streamlined research process.


Maintain a record of all your audio files and observations in a textual form.


We Translate A Diverse Set Of Clinical Documents

We translate and localise all documents that you need at various stages of clinical research.
Reach out to us in case your document type isn’t listed below.

Conduct Clinical Research With Medical And Cultural Precision

Our expert linguists uphold the standards of these organisations and associations to ensure the highest quality translations.


The Professional Society for Health Economics and Outcomes Research



International Society for Quality of Life Research



Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996



International Conference on Harmonization of Technical Requirements for Registration of Pharmaceuticals for Human Use



Association of Clinical Research Professionals 



We Help Healthcare Networks Reach Out In 180+ World Languages

Get professional medical translations for any language pair found globally!
  • Did you know 13% of Europeans speak German as their first language? Target the European market with our German language services.

  • French is the second most studied language around the globe. Enable your research to appeal to the French population with our French language services.

  • Hindi is the native language of 322 million people across 15 countries. Expand your clinical trial in Hindi-speaking regions with our Hindi language services.

  • Help your brand reach out to 220 million native Portuguese speakers in 10 countries with our Portuguese language services.

  • Utilise our Spanish language services to appeal to 480 million native Spanish speakers.

  • About one in five of the world’s population speaks some form of Chinese. Reach out to us and widen your information pool. 

  • The third most spoken language in the world, English is the most requested language for our translation, subtitling, and interpretation services.

  • Target the native speakers of the ninth most spoken language in the world - Japanese - with our Japanese language services.

  • Secure your clinical outcomes in the fast-growing Thai market of 20.2 million native speakers with our Thai language services.

  • Arabic holds the official language status in 22 countries. Expand your research in Arabic-speaking regions with Arabic language services.

  • Appeal to your Italian audience comprising of 64 million native speakers with our Italian language services.

  • Our Swedish language services will help your research see global success among 110 million native Swedish speakers.


Subject Matter Experts With Experience In Clinical Research And Medicine

Our handpicked resources are native speakers and certified medical translators who have a good understanding of the industry.

Bruno Depascale

Native: Italian
Fluent in: English, Spanish

Bruno holds a post-graduate degree in medical and pharmaceutical translations. He has been translating for clinical and imaging software, medical devices, clinical trial protocols, informed consent forms, and SPCs since 2006.

Pavel Nikonorkin

Native: Russian
Fluent in: English

Pavel holds a post-graduate degree in Neurology and Medical Genetics Linguistic Education. Since 2003, he has been translating for cardiology, healthcare, instruments, dentistry, genetics, biology, case reports, consent forms, and medical software manuals. 

Folke Nettleblad

Native: Swedish
Fluent in: English, French, German, Italian, Danish

Folke holds a PhD in Medical Chemistry and has been doing medical and technical translations, authoring science books, and writing for popular science and journalistic publications, since 1995.

Why Global Healthcare Brands Trust Us For Language Solutions

Adherence to Medical Regulations

Language services that are HIPAA compliant and adhere to the EU’s Directive of Data Protection.

Timely Delivery

Get quick translations that help you meet deadlines and finish projects on time.

Accurate Translations

Communicate with your audience using translations that contain zero errors.

ISO 17100:2015 Certified Process

Our quality process adheres to the ISO Standard for Translation Services.

100% Safe and Secure

Our NDA and privacy policy guarantee that your data will remain safe and confidential at all times.

Affordable Pricing

Benefit from rates that are easy on the pocket with custom created translation memories.

Our Translations, Their Global Success

Great experience! We were looking for a company that could deliver high-quality translations, quickly and they delivered excellently. They were also more affordable than other agencies which allowed us to let our client know we could reliably expand our research to many more areas within budget!

Thomas Gilboy, Engagement Manager - Technologies

Greatly appreciate Translate By Humans' quick turnaround and attention to detail. They're also willing to adapt translation tools that they are not accustomed to.

Christopher Ferguson, Director of New Business Development

Translate By Humans' delivery times are great, and the staff is very responsive to our requests! Translations have been easy for us to apply to our platform.

Juline Hobbs, Commercial Operations Manager

Ensure The Success Of Your Clinical Trial

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