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Infographic: Everything You Should Know About Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are comprehensive scientific studies typically conducted by clinical research organisations. They intend to find better ways that can help prevent, screen for, diagnose and treat diseases/ailments. These trials are usually conducted for the pharmaceutical, medical devices or biotechnology industry.

This infographic takes a look at the various aspects of clinical trials. It talks about top companies that conduct clinical trials, top countries with the maximum number of trials, biggest spenders in R&D for these trials, the benefits, and risks involved, patients’ feedback, challenges faced while conducting these trials, and reasons for the failure of these trials.

Clinical trials are being globalised. More and more trials are taking place outside their country of origin; this means the target audiences speak different languages and belong to different cultures. And hence, language can act as a huge barrier for the successful conduct of these trials. Imagine that the United States originates a clinical trial that is being conducted in Japan where the native language is Japanese and the culture is very different from that of America. Obviously, the stakeholders, as well as the patients undertaking the trial, would be more comfortable with Japanese, not English. This trial can wholly succeed in Japan if conducted in Japanese. Here arises the need for accurate clinical trial translation as well as localisation of the clinical trial and its key parameters.

The importance of translation in healthcare is increasing rapidly. Mistranslation of clinical trials can have serious consequences in terms of loss of human lives, loss of credibility, loss of time and burgeoning costs. This can make the final product impractical in terms of its results as well as costs and goals.

Have a look at this interesting infographic. It provides quick yet ample information about clinical trials and enhances a layman’s understanding of these trials.


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