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ToL-E06 Vahak Youtube Cover

Vahak’s Rahul Chatterjee Reveals the Secret to 60% Business Growth through Localisation

In our sixth tale, our CEO, Alpi Mantry, sat down with the ingenious product manager at Vahak, revolutionising India’s logistics landscape. From decoding the art of strategic navigation to unveiling the power of language passion, his insights illuminate the path to triumph. With a blend of tech empowerment and human touch, Rahul paints the future of translation, where AI complements and multilingual support connects. Buckle up as we unravel insights and immerse ourselves in the magic of transformation!

ToL-E03: Memrise Cover

6 Intriguing Stories of Localisation and Technological Discovery By Kasia Bania

In our fifth tale, our CEO, Alpi Mantry, sat down with the trailblazing Kasia Bania, Senior Localisation Manager at Memrise.
Join us as we unravel Kasia’s incredible journey through the dynamic landscapes where language, culture, and technology intertwine. Discover the power of AI translations through her lens, and envision the positive impact of reshaping the future of the translation landscape. Hit that play button, and let the journey begin!

ToL-E03: Canva Cover

From 2 to 50 Million Users in Localisation: Canva’s Journey ft. Michael Levot

In our recent tale, our CEO, Alpi Mantry, sat down with Michael Levot, Head of Localisation at Canva.
In this exciting session, we’ll know how Michael led the localisation team at Canva through a period of enormous growth from 2 million to 50 million international monthly users and designed internationalisation solutions for many critical areas of the business and how localisation plays a key role at Canva.

ToL-E03: Bitvavo Cover

7 Localisation Strategies for Profitable Markets With Emma Wallerstein

In an exciting meeting this month, our CEO, Alpi Mantry, had the opportunity to converse with Emma Wallerstein.
The conversation unfolds a display of discrete knowledge exchange, ideas and strategies poised to reshape the future of localisation in our ever-evolving world. We’re on an exciting journey to revolutionise localisation and unleash its power in the connected world. Are you up for the adventure?

ToL-E01: HiBob Cover

Can AI Surpass Humans? Tales of Localisation: Tale – 01 with Pavel Riazanov, HiBob

Welcome, to this enchanting and intriguing podcast series called Tales of Localisation – from the CEO’s Desk! In these tales, our CEO, Alpi Mantry, delves into the world of localisation and uncovers profound insights during her conversations with industry experts. In our inaugural tale, watch the very engaging conversation between Alpi and Pavel Riazanov, Localisation Project Manager at HiBob.

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