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Video Remote Interpretation
All Zoom Calls

Boost the value efficiency of your Zoom calls while interacting with people who speak a different language than you.

Webinars, workshops

Webinars & Webcasts

Our video remote interpretation services will help you attract and engage the audience on a global scale.

Corporate, business meetings

Business Meetings

Communicate accurately with international business clients, partners, etc., by utilising Meeting Interpretation Services.


Virtual Conferences

Facilitate communication between speakers and the audience at international conferences with Zoom Simultaneous Interpretation.

virtual classroom

eLearning Platforms

Utilise Video Remote Interpretation (VRI) Services to assist your eLearning audience in multilingual eLearning.

virtual interview | panel discussion

Virtual Interviews

Interact face-to-face and hire international candidates using Video Remote Interpretation on any platform.

Diplomat conference

Diplomatic Meetings

Use our trusted Simultaneous Interpretation Services to accurately communicate with international delegates.

medical zoom

Medical Consultations

Ensure that your patients fully understand medical reports, procedures and health status with specialised medical interpretation.

online training

Online Training

Increase efficiency and reduce the cost of training overseas professionals by employing an Educational Meeting Interpreter.

Zoom Interpretation
Delivered In
Multiple Modes

While we provide liaison and relay interpretation too, these modes are popularly requested for Zoom sessions.
Consecutive interpretation


Most used in Zoom conferences & meetings with a large audience. A speaker delivers a few sentences & then pauses to allow the interpreter to repeat the sentences in a different language.

Simultaneous interpretation


The most suitable mode for Zoom webcasts. The speaker delivers a message in one language while the interpreter simultaneously delivers it in the target language without any stops or pauses.

sight interpretation


In this mode, the interpreter delivers an oral account of the written text in a language different from the original over Zoom. It's the best mode for translating documents like contracts, statements, and briefs.

We Support All Video Conferencing Tools and Platforms

No matter what tool or platform you use, our versatile interpreters will help you communicate and converse effectively.

Zoom Interpretation Delivered
180+ Languages

Bridge the language divide and benefit from Zoom Interpretation Services
available in any language spoken globally.



Around 78 million people speak Turkish as their first language. Expand your visibility in this globally-emerging nation with accurate Turkish Interpreter Services.



Appeal to your Italian audience comprising of 64 million native speakers with our Italian Interpretation Services.



Arabic holds the official language status in 22 countries. Expand your business in and with Arabic-speaking regions with Arabic Interpretation Services.



Secure your place in the fast-growing Thai market of 20.2 million native speakers with our Thai Interpretation Services.



Target the native speakers of the ninth most spoken language in the world - Japanese - with our Japanese Interpretation Services.



The third most spoken language in the world, English is the most requested language for our translation, subtitling, and interpretation services.



About one in five of the world’s population speaks some form of Chinese. Reach out to us and get quality Chinese Interpretation Services.



Gain visibility in Korea - home to 72 million native speakers and one of the top business-friendly economies, with linguistically and culturally accurate Korean Interpretation Services.



Ukraine belongs to the rare languages group but has a native-speaker population of 40 million. Solidify your support in revolutionary Ukraine with our apt Ukrainian Interpretation Services.



Solidify your presence in the United Kingdom with our Welsh Interpretation Services. With plans to revive the Welsh language by 2050 set in place, it will be a smart business decision to get a head start on Welsh communication right at the beginning.



Did you know 13% of Europeans speak German as their first language? Target the European market with our German Interpretation Services.

Our Interpreters Are Making a Mark - One Zoom Call At A Time

Meet our interpreters who help you maximise the efficiency of your Zoom meetings with their industry and video interpretation proficiency.

Brands That Trust Us For Impactful Zoom Meetings

Our clients vouch for our high-quality Interpretation services and exceptional customer support.

Translate By Humans has always been professional over the last 2 years; emails are answered within a few hours or less; the quality of translations is great; communication is always done in a timely manner. The workflow is comfortable, and they've adjusted their output to fit our needs. Highly recommended!
We've been very happy with the translation services provided by Translate By Humans. Everything was spot on and our clients were very pleased with the result.
The translation provided by Translate By Humans has been put to use and our Korean suppliers have responded that it is very useful.
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Great experience! We were looking for a company that could deliver high-quality translations, quickly and they delivered excellently. They were also more affordable than other agencies which allowed us to let our client know we could reliably expand our research to many more areas within budget!

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