We Cater To All Your Interpretation Needs

Our medical interpreters are equipped to help you convey your message in any of the following situations, and more.

We Respect Your Data Privacy And Security

Our medical interpretation services are backed by the best security protocols and processes.

ISO 17100:2015 Certified

Our quality process adheres to the ISO Standard for Translation Services which includes proper linguist selection, accurate translation and localisation, and thorough quality analysis.

HIPAA Compliant

Our adherence to HIPAA guidelines ensures absolute security and privacy of all Protected Health Information (PHI) related to clients that we possess in physical or electronic form.

EU-US Privacy Shield Framework Compliant

We comply with the EU-US Privacy Shield framework and guidelines for storing, working with and transferring any personal data.

GDPR Compliant

As a GDPR compliant company, we ensure complete protection of your data and privacy. This includes appointing an in-house compliance officer to oversee all security measures.

PCI DSS Compliant

Our payment processor, Stripe is PCI DSS certified and handles all financial and personally identifiable data directly. We do not store any such data in our systems.

Complete Data Confidentiality

All data shared with us remains strictly confidential at all times. We sign NDAs with all of our clients, vendors, temporary, and permanent employees to ensure this.


With Us, Quality Assurance Is A Given

We screen and select top-quality, certified interpreters who uphold the standards of the following bodies and organisations.

Certified Commission for Healthcare Interpreters

The National Board of Certification for Medical Interpreters

International Association of Conference Interpreters

Department of Health & Human Services

National Heath

Types of Medical Interpretation

No matter what type of medical interpretation service you require, we have a variety of options to ensure you’re covered.

Interpretation (IPI)

Put in a request 24 hours prior, and our medical interpreter will meet you at the specified location with all the necessary equipment.

Over-the-phone Interpretation (OPI)

Our medical interpreter will be on the line to help you communicate via any audio platform or device - so you can add multiple callers.

Video Remote Interpretation (VRI)

We support all video platforms and devices so you can simply connect to the platform of your choice, and a medical interpreter will be there to do the rest.


Modes of Medical Interpretation

While we also provide interpretation services for simultaneous, whispered, and relay interpreting, the following modes are our most requested for medical interpretation.

Medical Communication In 180+ Languages

Benefit from medical interpretation services available in any language spoken globally.
  • Sound authentic while communicating in the second most studied language around the globe - French.

  • Did you know that German is the first language of 13% of Europeans? Interact successfully with your European clients with German interpretation.

  • Present your product or service to 322 million Hindi-speaking people, across 15 countries.

  • Reach out and convey your message to 220 million native Portuguese speakers with interpretation services.

  • Utilise Spanish interpretation to appeal to 480 million native speakers across 20 countries.

  • Did you know - about one in five of the world’s population speaks some form of Chinese? Boost your business with Chinese interpretation services. 

  • The third most spoken language in the world - English is commonly requested for interpretation around the world.

  • Japanese interpretation can help you target a potential market of 126 million native Japanese speakers.

  • Secure your place in the fast-growing Thai market comprising of 20.2 million native speakers.

  • Being the official language in 22 countries, Arabic interpretation can help you make a mark in the international market.

  • Appeal to your Italian associates, clients, and customers who make up the 64 million native Italian speakers across 29 countries.

  • Target 110 million native Swedish speakers and see global success with quality interpretation services.


Meet Those Who Promote Equal Access To Healthcare

Our team of certified medical interpreters have over 20 years of experience in the medical industry.

Sylvie Mathis

Native: French
Fluent in: English, Spanish

Sylvie holds expertise in Consecutive Interpretation. She interprets for Medical, Legal, Finance, and Technical industries. She has 20 years of experience as an interpreter.

Andréa Brotto

Native: Portuguese (Brasil)
Fluent in: English

Andréa does Simultaneous Interpretation, Consecutive Interpretation, and Liaison Interpretation. She holds expertise in Medical, Travel, Education, Literature, Environmental, Business, and Entertainment industries. 

José María Calo

Native: Spanish
Fluent in: English

José holds expertise in Consecutive Interpretation, Liaison Interpretation, and Sight Interpretation. Being a sworn legal and technical interpreter, he does technical, healthcare, and commercial interpretation. He is a member of Buenos Aires Sworn Translators’ Association.

Global Healthcare Brands Trust Us

Over the past 2 years, Translate By Humans' service has always been professional with great quality of translations and emails answered within a few hours or less. Communications about issues or delays is always done in a timely manner. The workflow is comfortable, and they adjust their output to fit our needs. Highly recommended!


Dror Cohen, Head of Product

We were very pleased with Translate By Humans' translation services. The entire experience was great, from ordering to rapid delivery of the sample (which was better than their competitor) to payment, full translation and delivery. Our readers were very pleased with the fidelity, which was the aim… We will definitely be back.


Jim Gray, Director of Engineering


We've been very happy with the translation services provided by Translate By Humans. Everything was spot on and our clients were very pleased with the result.

Emilia Banea, Production Manager

What Makes Our Medical Interpretation Services Unique


Our interpreters possess all the equipment including devices required for them to interpret.

Dedicated Project Managers

Enjoy a personalised experience with a project manager who handles all your interpretation requests from start to finish!

Timely Delivery

Get quick interpretations that help you meet deadlines and finish projects on time.

ISO 17100:2015 Certified Human Process

Our quality process adheres to the ISO Standard for Translation Services.

100% Safe and Secure

Our NDA and privacy policy guarantee that your data will remain safe and confidential at all times.

24/7 Customer Support

Our Customer Support Team is available any time you need them, day or night.

Make Your Mark In The Medical Industry

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