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Why Inclusive Audio-Visual Content Ranks Best

services global outreach


Don’t let the language barrier limit your video’s reach! Target global viewers who are not native speakers of the language.

effective communication


Communicate your message with ease to the hard of hearing (DHH) or upto 80% of viewers who may watch your video on mute.

subtitling - greater visibility


Boost your video’s SEO ranking and increase its visibility across language-specific and local searches.

We Provide All Types of Subtitles

Translated Subtitles

Same Language Subtitles

Closed Captions


Open Subtitles

Burned Subtitles

Video Content Comes In Many Kinds & We Accept Them All

Avail proficient subtitling translation for a wide range of industries. Please contact us if you can’t find your preferred content type below.

Media & Entertainment
Training & Education
Corporate & Business
Marketing & Advertising

Subtitle Translation in 4 Easy Steps

step 1

Reach out to us with your subtitling requirements and our team will get in touch with you for further discussion.

step 2

Our Project Managers will analyse the project requirements and allocate it to our subtitling experts who are native speakers of the target language.

step 3

We do a thorough quality check and send you the SRT files along with the transcription of the files for your review at no extra cost.

step 4

Lastly, we implement any suggestions from your side post review and burn the subtitles to the video and send you the final files.

Why are we, the perfect subtitling agency for your business?

Project Manager

A dedicated project manager at no extra cost from the beginning to the end of your project.​


Adherence to strict protocols, GDPR guidelines and NDAs. Your data is safe and secure with us.​

Quality badge

A thorough QA check in process so you don't have to worry about the quality.


Get free sample of up to 250 words translated for any language pair.

All types of videos

We provide end to end subtitling services and take care of everything from subtitling to formatting to burning the final video, so you don't have to!


Subtitling handled by native language experts with 5+ years of experience.

Our Subtitling Experts Who Ensure Maximum Impact

Our subtitling experts help you unlock your audio-visual content’s maximum potential. We handpick native linguists with relevant industry experience.

Make Your Videos Accessible In 180+ Languages

Video subtitling services in a multitude of languages spoken by your audience.



Our Swedish subtitling services will help your multimedia content rank high on a global level by engaging the 110 million native Swedish speakers.



Appeal to your Italian audience comprising of 64 million native speakers with our Italian subtitling services.



Arabic holds the official language status in 22 countries. Expand your video content's reach in Arabic-speaking regions with Arabic subtitling services.



Gain visibility in Korea - home to 72 million native speakers and one of the top business-friendly economies, with linguistically and culturally accurate Korean subtitling services.



Watch your video content go viral in over 7 countries by targeting the 5.5 million Danish native speakers with Danish subtitling services.



The third most spoken language in the world, English subtitling services rank high in our list of most-frequently requested services.



About one in five of the world’s population speaks some form of Chinese. Reach out to us and get quality Chinese subtitling services.



Utilise our Spanish subtitling services to appeal to 480 million native Spanish speakers.



Help your video content engage 220 million native Portuguese speakers in 10 countries with our Portuguese subtitling services.



Around 78 million people speak Turkish as their first language. Expand your visibility in this globally-emerging nation with accurate Turkish subtitling services.



French is the second most studied language around the globe. Enable your audio-visual content to have the same impact in French with our French subtitling services.



Utilise our high-quality Japanese subtitling services to interact and engage the native speakers of Japan.

We've Enabled Our Clients To Conquer Cultural Boundaries

Our clients vouch for our high-quality and professional subtitling services and exceptional customer support.
Translate By Humans has always been professional over the last 2 years; emails are answered within a few hours or less; the quality of translations is great; communication is always done in a timely manner. The workflow is comfortable, and they've adjusted their output to fit our needs. Highly recommended!
We've been very happy with the translation services provided by Translate By Humans. Everything was spot on and our clients were very pleased with the result.
The translation provided by Translate By Humans has been put to use and our Korean suppliers have responded that it is very useful.
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Great experience! We were looking for a company that could deliver high-quality translations, quickly and they delivered excellently. They were also more affordable than other agencies which allowed us to let our client know we could reliably expand our research to many more areas within budget!​

Read About The What, Why And How Of Subtitling


Translate By Humans is an ISO 17100:2015 certified language services company. All our processes adhere to the highest quality standards followed in the industry. 

We collaborate with subtitling experts with considerable experience in creating subtitles for your industry. The subtitles go through our language quality assurance (LQA) process to ensure accuracy and consistency.

Machine or automated subtitles miss out on a lot of technicalities and cultural nuances that are essential to the viewers’ experience. For instance, many compound words (like mother-in-law and ice cream) are absent in machine translation systems.

Our subtitling experts are native speakers of their target language who, unlike machines, understand the cultural context of your videos and ensure that your audience gets the right message.

To learn more about why you should choose human subtitling services check out this blog.

We charge for subtitles per minute. These per-minute costs are based on various factors like the video category, quality and length of the video.

To learn more about the costs of multilingual subtitling services, check out this blog.

Yes, we do provide a 2-minute free sample for our subtitling services. To know more, please get in touch with us at

Yes! When you add srt files of subtitles along with your documentaries, eLearning videos, advertising videos, foreign films, and other videos on various platforms, the search engines bots crawl through them like any other text.

We provide subtitles in 180+ languages and that means you have great opportunity for making your videos available to your viewers – in all these languages. Subtitles help you target local keywords specific to the international markets you’re targeting thereby increasing your video’s search ranking, engagement and views.

Appeal To An International Audience With Multilingual Subtitles

Need a 60-minute video subtitled urgently? We can do that! Reach out for a quote or to discuss your project.