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Translation Pricing Masterclass (Infographic)

For potential customers of translation services, there are several boxes that need to be ticked before choosing a service provider. Of all the possible considerations, an important one is pricing. The pricing model and the factors that determine the final cost of translation are crucial elements that help customers differentiate one service provider from another. Customers are interested in knowing if they’re going to be charged per word, per hour, per page or a flat fee for their entire project. Once that is established, the factors that affect the actual cost need to be considered. These factors include the word count, translator’s experience, category of text, and more.

With so many combinations possible, customers often find themselves in a state of flux. To make this process a little less complicated, we’ve created an infographic that serves as a pocket reference for all your pricing related doubts. For a deeper understanding, read our detailed guide on translation pricing models.

Translation Pricing Infographic

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