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Your Guide To Dining Etiquette Around The World

Dining in unfamiliar countries or with people belonging to a culture different from yours can be challenging. Something that seems fine to you might offend them. This guide has some basic tips to help you navigate formal & informal dining.

5 Apps to Make Learning Languages a Breeze in 2020

Don’t have time for language lectures? Here’s a list of popular apps that people across the world are using to learn languages on-the-go.

12 Pizzas from Around the World to Try this #NationalPizzaDay!

A list of 12 delicious pizzas and their drink pairings for you to try on National Pizza Day, February 9th! How many have you tasted so far?

How to Say “You’re Awesome” in 13 Languages

Giving and responding to compliments can become really tricky for non-native speakers. This is a fun read about the cultural and linguistic context of compliments.

Planning a Trip to Turkey: A Practical Guide

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5 Winter Solstice Traditions From Around the World

Every part of the world has a unique tradition to celebrate that moment of the year when the night gets the longest and the day gets the shortest.