12 Pizzas from Around the World to Try this #NationalPizzaDay!

A list of 12 delicious pizzas and their drink pairings for you to try on National Pizza Day, February 9th! How many have you tasted so far?

Translation Pricing Masterclass (Infographic)

Are you being charged correctly by your translation and localisation service provider? Check out this infographic to learn more.

Creating a Global Culture of Gratitude

Seven kind and endearing ways to show your gratitude (instead of a formal, distant ‘thanks’).

F of X and Translate By Humans

F of X Festival: A Creator’s Journey

An infographic about Sr. Growth Manager, Mahi Baid’s creative journey at the F of X Festival! F of X Festival is a 4-day residential event that takes 300 individuals on a unique creative journey.

A Quick Primer on Financial Translation

An infographic covering the importance and scope of financial translation services for organisations wanting to go global.


Infographic: Everything You Should Know About Clinical Trials

An infographic covering information to enhance a layman’s understanding of clinical trials and their role in medical advancement.