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F of X Festival: A Creator’s Journey

At Translate By Humans, we take pride in our employees’ development, both personal and professional. So it was no surprise that we encouraged our Sr. Growth Manager, Mahi Baid, to embark upon a journey that would help her transform into a more creative professional and individual!

We believe employees should have a say in which of their skills they want to sharpen. When Mahi came across this opportunity and shared it with us, there was no doubt that she would represent the company at the F of X Festival in February of this year!

The festival was a 4-day residential event that saw nearly 300 individuals come together from across the country. The attendees were a diverse mix of artists, designers, writers, and leaders from different regions and cultures, speaking a multitude of languages. F of X was hosted at a beautiful resort in the middle of Jim Corbett National Park in Northern India. The festival had 40 guides and followed 4 different themes based on the essential elements for every creator. Each element had a dedicated space where activities and talks would take place. They were:

The event was designed to cater to help everyone present find their dominant creative flow and nurture it. There were several opportunities for creators to step out of their comfort zones, but there was also was ample downtime, great food, and coffee to indulge in, and insightful conversations that led to collaborations. The day usually began with yoga by the river followed by expert sessions and workshops. Evenings were spent sipping on sundowners and enjoying daily jam sessions and concerts. The festival truly did provide the attendees with a place to unwind and find their creative calling.

Here’s an infographic that will take you through Mahi’s journey at F of X. Look closely, and you will see how the festival helped her overcome the many obstacles that she felt kept her from being at her creative best! Whether it was battling the three-headed snake of ego or wading through the river of negativity, F of X was a great platform to learn and grow in a safe and nurturing environment with inspirational people all around. We can’t wait for the next edition!

Translate By Humans at F of X Festival

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