Expert Speak

Alpi Mantry

Navigating The Language Industry As A Woman In Localisation

In episode 5 of The Translate By Humans Podcast, we talk to Alpi Mantry, the co-founder of Translate By Humans, about her experiences as a women entrepreneur, the future of the localisation industry, maintaining a dynamic work-culture and why companies should invest in localising for the Indian market.

Financial & Legal Translations – With Ann-Charlotte Storer

Ann-Charlotte Storer is a highly experienced translator with expertise in the legal and financial industry. In the fourth episode of The Translate By Humans Podcast, she gives us tips and tricks on successfully specialising in these fields.

French Translations and Filipino Martial Arts – With David Crébassa

On this World Translation Day, we introduce you to one of our esteemed translators, David Crébassa. He speaks 5 languages – French, German, English, Spanish & Mandarin. Besides helping people and brands communicate, David teaches and practises a form of Filipino martial arts called Kali. Listen on to learn more about his life, his admirable contributions to the community during the COVID-19 pandemic, and more.