Explore Our Range Of Services For End-to-End eLearning Localisation


Aid knowledge retention with multilingual audio transcriptions for eLearning videos with our transcription experts.

Voice-overs and Dubbing

Make an impact with multilingual voice-overs and dubbing by versatile recording artists.


Receive eLearning material after it is tested on various browsers, devices, and operating systems with our Language Quality Assurance (LQA) process.


Enable multilingual learning for students and professionals with our interpreters.

Multilingual DTP

Enhance eLearning digital media with accurate translations and appropriate visual elements.



Simplify video learning with multilingual subtitles for eLearning resources in a foreign language.

Supported Tools for eLearning Localisation

We work with your existing learning management systems and authoring tools. We accept all file types, including SCORM packages.


An eLearning Localisation Workflow Adapted To Your Needs

Our 4-step process ensures that your eLearning material is localised and sent back to you in record timing!

Understanding your Order

A dedicated project manager receives your files, guidelines, and assesses your requirements.

Translating your Files

Text strings are extracted from the source code of your files, translated by native language experts, and reviewed.

Final Testing and QA

The completed project undergoes a technical and linguistic review by our QA experts.

Integrating the Content

Translated text strings are integrated into the source file, reviewed by your dedicated project manager and sent to you.

eLearning Localisation To Compliment Your
Instructional Design And Content

Educational Videos

Localise eLearning videos using multilingual subtitles and voice-overs or provide learners with translated transcripts for easy reference.

Multimedia Presentations

Maximise the potential of your eLearning content and involve foreign learners through engaging mediums such as multimedia.

eLearning Games

Make eLearning fun and engaging with localised games, badges, leaderboards, and more for learners around the world.

Mobile Apps For Training

Whether on holiday or in the library, ensure your users always have access to localised eLearning apps and mobile-optimised course material.

Instructional Resources

Provide non-native learners with accurately translated required reading material for a richer learning experience.

Training Websites

Optimise the reach of eLearning websites by adapting to your learners' culture, language, and learning style.

Online Courses

Utilise our translation, subtitling, and interpretation services for creating multilingual courses with eLearning tools.

Webinars & Conferences

Make your online events engaging for international participants with our eLearning interpretation services.


Satisfy The Quest For Knowledge In 180+ Languages

Translate your eLearning offerings to make them accessible to virtual learners around the world!
  • French is the second most studied language around the globe. Enable your brand to sound authentic in French with our French eLearning localisation services.

  • Did you know 13% of Europeans speak German as their first language? Target the European market with our German eLearning localisation services.

  • Hindi is the native language of 322 million people across 15 countries. Expand your business in Hindi-speaking regions with our Hindi eLearning localisation services.

  • Help your brand reach out to 220 million native Portuguese speakers in 10 countries with our Portuguese eLearning localisation services.

  • Utilise our Spanish eLearning localisation services to appeal to your 480 million native Spanish speakers.

  • About one in five of the world’s population speaks some form of Chinese. Reach out to us and get quality Chinese eLearning localisation services.

  • The third most spoken language in the world, English is the most requested language for our eLearning localisation services.

  • Target the native speakers of the ninth most spoken language in the world - Japanese - with our Japanese eLearning localisation services.

  • Secure your place in the fast-growing Thai market of 20.2 million native speakers with our Thai eLearning localisation services.

  • Arabic holds the official language status in 22 countries. Expand your business in Arabic-speaking regions with Arabic eLearning localisation services.

  • Appeal to your Italian audience comprising of 64 million native speakers with our Italian eLearning localisation services.

  • Our Swedish eLearning localisation services will help you see global success among 110 million native Swedish speakers.


Why Choose Our eLearning Localisation Services

Multilingual SEO

Receive SEO-friendly translations of your eLearning material.

ISO 17100:2015 Certified Process

Our quality process adheres to the ISO Standard for Translation Services.

Dedicated Project Managers

Enjoy a personalised experience with a project manager who handles all your localisation orders from start to finish!

Subject Matter Expertise

Benefit from specialised eLearning localisation by native-speaking translators with years of experience.

Holistic Testing

Test and experience your localised eLearning content on your preferred platform before going live.

100% Safe and Secure

Our NDA and privacy policy guarantee that your data will remain safe and confidential at all times

Peek Into Our Hall of Happy Clients

Translate By Humans is always fast to answer our emails, that is always good.

We have enjoyed our experience working with you over the last year. Their team is quick to respond to our feedback and is proactive about creating tools to manage our localisation projects. Translate By Humans has been a key player in helping us bring Computer Science education to students all over the world in multiple languages.

Translate by Humans have provided us with fluent, affordable translations from Italian and Spanish. The turnaround time for their translation and transcription work has been quick, as have been their responses to our questions. We would happily work with them again in the future!

Let's Add A Multilingual Touch To Learning

Need an eLearning course localised urgently or need an interpreter for a webinar within 24 hours? We can do that!