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translating and localising video content
Translation and Localisation

Best Practices For Translating and Localising Video Content  

People with different native languages consume content differently. As a solution, localising video content serves as the most effective process to engage a wider audience. Know more about the best practices in this blog!

modern eCommerce
International Business

Evolution of Modern eCommerce and How to Keep Up

A time when things weren’t available at the click of a button seems
archaic. However, it wasn’t that long ago. Take a journey through the inception of eCommerce to its current state and what exciting future opportunities are in store!

Podcast Ep. 6
Experts Speak

Interpreting in Mandarin, Discourse Management And More, With Zhuoyue Kong

IIn Episode Six of The Translate By Humans Podcast, we talk to Zhuoyue Kong, a self-taught interpreter who built herself up through her strong network, her experiences, her love for languages and exceptional skillsets. Learn what entails the job of a simultaneous and consecutive interpreter and all the challenges they encounter along the way.

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