App Localisation

4 Well-Localised Apps To Draw Inspiration From

If you are looking to localise your app or wish to take it to the next level, here are 4 apps you can draw inspiration from. These apps have been localised keeping the user experience in mind.

4 Industries That Are Nailing Mobile App Localisation Right Now

It’s a tough world out there, especially in the mobile app market. And these industries are giving everyone a run for their money with their smartly localised apps.

A Beginner’s Guide to App Localisation and Internationalisation

A guide to help you understand why app internationalisation must precede app localisation and gain insights about the technical aspects of both.

App Marketing Overseas

How to Market your App Internationally

Here’s an infographic explaining how language and culture important factors for the end user’s experience with an app.

Mobile App Launch Strategy

How Your Mobile App Launch Strategy Needs More Than Just Translation!

In 2017, Google added 30 more languages to its voice search. Native language is the language of the heart. Language, thus, is about the native or local culture.

Increase Your App Downloads in Multiple App Stores

5 Tips to Increase Your App Downloads in Multiple App Stores

App localisation is an important topic in the app market. Should someone go for it or not? Well, if the app service is focused on a certain place, then maybe it isn’t worth the effort. However, if localisation is possible, it must be done because app localisation can increase 767% of your downloads. Nice, right? But first of all, what is app localisation about?