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How to Market your App Internationally

The only thing better than creating an app that is well received by your target, local audience, is an app that is loved by people the world over! With such a wide variety of apps on the market, your app’s ability to attract a diverse set of users will determine its success.

Your first step should be to identify the countries where you would like to market the app based on a few critical considerations. Your research should include a thorough analysis of the demographics of your target countries. The population of active smartphone users, the relevance of your services and the existing competitors, will also play a key role when you design your app marketing strategy.

When tapping a new market, especially that of a different country, app localisation is essential. By definition, this means to adapt your app to the language and cultural nuances of the countries in which you would like to expand your business. You may need to translate the language, change the time zone and currency symbols and even change some text altogether.

Going global with an app may seem like a daunting task, but fortunately, there are professionals specially equipped to help you. Learn more about how language is an integral part of a user’s online experience with our infographic on how to market your app internationally.

While you’re at it, ensure that you mark your presence on the right app stores and social networking sites and don’t forget to engage in some local marketing!

App Localization Infographic

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