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Case Study – Rebtel’s Increase In Customer Satisfaction With Multilingual Customer Support

Reaching out to customers in their native language helps ensure there are no barriers to communication. This case study explains how the Translate By Humans app for Zendesk enables Rebtel to provide multilingual customer support to their customers in up to 60 languages!

Introducing Rebtel

Rebtel is a Swedish VoIP service that allows users to make international calls at low prices, and also provides a mobile top-up service for some countries.

Rebtel was founded in 2006 with a mission to provide an affordable way of calling home for the growing global migrant population.

Employees at Rebtel’s Stockholm office, represent over 40 nationalities, making Rebtel one of Sweden’s most diverse companies!

About Rebtel

The Quest to Bridge Borders

Word Bridge

When someone lands in a new country, the first thing they do is call home. Rebtel offers that service by letting people reach out and continue to feel connected to their friends and family.

However, if a user of the app requires assistance, their customer service team wants to be able to help, in any language.

The Challenge of Speaking the Native Tongue

Rebtel's Initial Numbers

Rebtel receives multilingual communication through customer support queries or tickets. Earlier, 2.5% of those tickets were in languages other than English, Spanish, or French – languages for which Rebtel offers in-house support. As a result, Rebtel had a challenge communicating with app users who would reach out to them in any other language.

With tickets in low volume languages gradually increasing, Rebtel knew that hiring in-house agents was not a cost-effective solution for just a few interactions. Similarly, interactions in high-volume languages would require massive hiring.

Rebtel’s Localisation Manager, Estela Corbellini, had an interesting task – to find a scalable solution that would ensure a multilingual presence while maintaining accuracy and a quick turnaround time.

Translate By Humans’ on-demand human translation app offered all of that and more!

The Translate By Humans app offers a long-term solution that can scale Rebtel’s multilingual customer support needs. It’s a great benefit for Rebtel and our users.

Estela Corbellini, Localisation Manager
Rebtel and Translate By Humans

When Rebtel approached Translate By Humans, their requirement was simple. They needed a partner to help them communicate via Zendesk Support with their global clientele that spoke 29 different languages.

With the Translate By Humans app For Zendesk, a customer support agent at Rebtel can now communicate in up to 60 languages with customers around the world, regardless of the agent’s native language! Agents receive auto-translated queries in their selected default language. They then draft a response in their native language and send it to Translate By Humans via the app for translation into the customer’s preferred language.

Rebtel inspires confidence from the fact that they can now maintain a strong multilingual presence with the streamlined translation workflow, benefits, and features that the app offers, such as:

Translate By Humans is a true partner – very responsive and present. Our Project Manager is always on top of everything and keeps us informed at all times.

Team Rebtel

From Queries to Conversations

In just 6 months of using the app, Maja Zivkovic Drobac, QA Coordinator at Rebtel reports significant improvements including a high response rate from customers. Relying on Translate By Humans’ translations, Rebtel can now go beyond just answering queries. Their team can engage in conversations that help build strong customer relationships.

7.5% increase in CSAT score

img100% growth in multilingual ticket volume

18% of costs saved through long-term pricing benefits

79.3% increase in the number of supported languages from 29 to 52

The quality of translations is excellent, and we can trust the material we’re getting back. Translate By Humans not only provides the translations we need but also shares an analysis of the data collected. This is valuable information to be shared internally among stakeholders in the company.

Maja Zivkovic Drobac, QA Coordinator

About Translate by Humans

If you’re looking to communicate with your customers in their native language, look no further! Translate By Humans is a professional translation and localisation company headquartered in London, UK. Our apps and integrations, enable you to offer multilingual customer service via most customer support tools, including Zendesk, Freshdesk, and others. Reach out to our team and discover how you can increase CSAT scores, improve client communication and break through the language barrier with our language services!

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