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Translate By Humans & Crowdin Join Hands To Offer Comprehensive Translation Management Solution

Language plays a major role in winning traffic and converting visitors into customers. The language used and the choice of words can make or break a website and the business reliant on it. Today, site administrators have to develop websites for the world at large. The website must have multilingual content for users who converse & communicate in several languages. There is a growing need for multilingual websites. Unfortunately, it is not easy.

Are you a developer or a website owner who has experienced the pain of working with multilingual websites? Well, then Crowdin is just the perfect partner for you. Crowdin calls itself the localisation management platform for Agile powered companies. It simplifies the task of language translation for mobile apps, websites, desktop applications, games, and even helpdesk software. Since its inception, Crowdin has positioned itself as a perfect partner that helps site administrators remove complexity in translating web content for a multilingual world.

Crowdin has more than 57,000+ successful localisation projects to its credit – ranging from startups to business giants. From the online book reading platform Wattpad to the mighty Microsoft, Crowdin has some big names in its portfolio that prove its mettle as a localisation platform. The language translation platform has established itself as the first choice for site administrators who prefer simple and intuitive language translation services.

Adding on to the translation prowess of Crowdin, Translate By Humans is now listed as one amongst its many translation service providers. Translate By Humans is an experienced team of native language translators who render swift, flawless and contextually perfect localisation services for all big and small businesses.

As a listed partner of Crowdin, Translate By Humans provides quick and professional human language translation services for website owners. It adheres to the 100% quality policy for all its services.

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