Introducing the Translate By Humans App for Freshdesk

Translate By Humans App for Freshdesk

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Agents representing global customer support teams are well-equipped to handle every type of customer. They deal with the ones that sing praise, the unhappy ones, and those who simply need some assistance through their customer journey. Customer support agents take the time and effort to understand the people whose needs they cater to. However, they often hit a roadblock when it comes to language. Within just one shift, agents often need to attend to several customers whose native language differs from their own.

The newly launched Translate By Humans app for Freshdesk helps counter the challenge of providing multilingual customer service by making it accessible to all with just a few clicks! Here’s an app that allows agents to communicate with customers in 60+ global languages with accurate translations carried out by native language experts.

Translate By Humans' Freshdesk Integration

Read on as we discuss the benefits of the app and take a closer look at what makes Translate By Humans stand out for Freshdesk users.

Multilingual Customer Support For Freshdesk

In case you’re new to Freshdesk, it is a ticketing and helpdesk software that allows user to assist their clients in an organised, timely, and streamlined manner. Their parent company, Freshworks, offers a holistic customer engagement platform, which includes products like Freshdesk, Freshchat, Freshcaller, and more.

With the Translate By Humans app, Freshdesk agents can choose their default or native language (from 60+ options) in which they receive auto-translated tickets. The agent can then draft a response and send it via the app to the Translate By Humans team. Our team of native language experts translate the text and send it back to the agent, ensuring a fast turnaround and complete accuracy!

The Power of Human Translations

We take pride in ensuring that our translations are always carried out by humans. That can sometimes mean a slightly higher initial investment in time, energy, and cost. This, however, leads to unmatched savings, higher brand loyalty, and customer satisfaction in the long run. We’ve seen countless clients benefit from the accuracy and quality of human translation and the long-term pricing benefits within months of using our services!

We often get the argument that machine enabled translations are improving with time and are nearly accurate. The problem? Even slightly incorrect translations can cost you your reputation, lead customers astray and even land you into legal trouble. Even the most advanced models like neural machine translation (NMT) can’t incorporate the three factors that ensure the accuracy of translation –  culture, context, and human emotion.

Machine versus human translation

A machine may string together a grammatically correct sentence, but when used in the wrong context, the meaning completely changes. Our human translators, on the other hand, possess a deep understanding of the culture from where a language or specific dialect originates.  They ask questions to confirm they’ve correctly interpreted the context and ensure your preferred tone is kept intact. What you get is an entirely accurate translation that helps you build strong customer relationships.

An App with Many Advantages

This translation app is designed to ensure customer support teams can streamline processes and collaborate with ease to provide multilingual customer support. Check out some of the benefits of the app:

Simple Integration Process – To get started, install the app from the Freshdesk Marketplace and register or log in.

Easy Account Management – View, enable, and disable agents’ accounts and track their orders under a single dashboard.

Detailed Order Analysis – Receive regular reports and data related to trends in ticket languages, growth in new languages, ticket frequency, cost savings through translation memory, the volume of translations, and more.

Long Term Pricing Benefits – Build, maintain, and share a custom translation memory (TM) and glossary for reduced pricing benefits for repeated segments.

  1. Save on translation costs and experience a significant decrease in average turnaround time as your TM builds over time
  2. Receive regular communication to understand your TM savings and benefits for each language pair

24×7 Customer Support Services – Reach out to our customer service team any time you need assistance.

A Wide Range of Features to Benefit from

The unique capabilities of the Translate By Humans app for Freshdesk ensure that once you’ve installed and logged into the app, ordering human translations is a breeze. Check out the app’s most popular features:

Get on to a quick start

Translate By Humans app for Freshdesk features

Place orders with ease

Translate By Humans app for Freshdesk features

Manage multilingual tickets like a pro

Translate By Humans app for Feshdesk features

Get Started with the Translate By Humans app for Freshdesk

Now that we’ve introduced you to the app, why not get to know it better? Head over to the Freshdesk Marketplace to start your free 2-week trial!

Still not convinced if this is the best app for your translation needs? We’d be happy to answer any of your questions and walk you through the app. Book a demo at a time suitable to you or reach out to us at

Akansha Barot

Akansha Barot

Akansha Barot

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