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Case Study – Gaming App Translation for Play Impossible

Gaming apps often need to be translated to meet compliance standards set by online app stores or the app developers simply want to ensure that their app reaches a larger audience. Read how we helped bring digital action indoors and outdoors with the world’s oldest toy – the ball! This case study covers the gaming and app translation solutions we provided to Play Impossible to ensure their Gameball app is available in 9 languages across the most popular app stores.

Download the gaming app case study.

Client – Play Impossible’s newly launched Gameball app and legal content needed to be translated and localised in 9 languages to reach potential customers across the globe.

Collaboration – Play Impossible was looking for a language services provider who could understand their gaming app, its intent and then appropriately localise their app accordingly. The Gameball was sent to the Translate By Humans team to gain hands-on experience with the game for better context and relevant testing of the app.

Our Approach – After a detailed analysis, we shortlisted suitable gaming language experts and sent them the Gameball along with the technical and language requirements. The translation and localisation were done while actually playing the game and testing the results thereafter.

Play Impossible

Play Impossible is a gaming company headquartered in Seattle, Washington. It is well-known for launching the Play Impossible Gameball in early 2017. The Gameball is a small inflatable smart-ball that can be connected and played through a mobile device. With the app, players can track speed, spin, height and more for each throw.

The Gameball is intended to incorporate movement, hand-eye coordination and agility into games. The device is produced and fulfilled by Baden Sports and it now has a fully localised mobile app that is available in 9 languages on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

the gameball app

Play Impossible’s Requirements

Translate By Humans’ Solutions

Project Impact

The translated app meets all the requirements put forth by Apple and Google for their respective app and retail stores

The product is now being sold worldwide – reaching global customers in 9 languages which would not have been possible without the app being translated and localised

A dedicated point of contact has helped save time by responding to feedback and incorporating changes where needed

The tone of the game has always been maintained regardless of the language in which it is translated

There have never been any language or localisation-related complaints from retailers or customers alike

When Play Impossible had a sudden opportunity to expand through a worldwide distribution deal with Apple Retail, TBH delivered. Most importantly TBH maintained our unique brand voice across languages and cultural nuances to encourage consumers to play and learn! Play Impossible strongly endorses working with the TBH team.

Brian Monnin, CEO

About Translate by Humans

Translate By Humans is a professional translation and localisation company headquartered in London, United Kingdom. We are experts in the translation and localisation of apps, video games, online games, and mobile games. To localise and translate games and apps of all genres, we work with the best native language professionals who are also experts in gaming and app development. We also provide transcription, subtitling, and voice-over services. We also provide medical transcription, voice-overs, and subtitling services. Get in touch with our enthusiastic team to explore how your business can benefit from our language services within your industry.

Reach out to us and learn about the customised solutions we offer to address your app localisation and translation challenges! Read our other client case studies.

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