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A Quick Primer on Financial Translation

The financial services industry is evolving continuously, rapidly and in a forward-thinking manner. An organisation offering financial services cannot exist in geographical and demographical silos where it limits its engagement to specific regions or with a particular group of people. If it wants to become a global player, it needs to increase its footprint across the globe and engage with as many stakeholders as possible. It needs to internationalise its services, and for that to happen, it needs to localise for a given target market.

Financial translation services are a critical cog in the wheel of localisation. By translating your company’s financial literature such as reports and regulatory material, research services, financial software and training manuals, customer support material and more, you make sure you are talking to your target market in a language they understand; this helps you set your business apart from the competition.

Financial translation is a complex task and requires a core understanding of the language in which material is to be translated and also good know-how of specific financial concepts covered by the financial asset, which is being translated. This is why it’s important that you only work with the most experienced and reputed financial translation company that can handle a wide array of financial translation projects.

This infographic is a quick primer on financial translation that takes you through the various company assets that typically must be translated, the specific business domains that require financial translation, the challenges faced while translating financial documents and the qualities of an effective financial translator.

The idea is to give you an overview of financial translations so that you know where and how you must use the services of a financial translation company.

Financial Translation Infographic

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