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About Romanian Language

26 million

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4 million

Second Language

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How Romanian Is Spoken All Over the World


Romanian (Moldova)


Romanian (Romania)

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Did You Know?

It’s the official language in Romania and the Republic of Moldova.

Romanian is a 1,700 years-old language.

It’s the only Romance language that is still spoken in Eastern Europe.

Romanian dialects, Aromanian, Megleno-Romanian and Istro-Romanian, are spoken in Albania, Serbia, Kosovo, Greece, Croatia, and Bulgaria.

It’s a phonetic language, so all its words are pronounced exactly as they are spelt.

Romanian Translation Services for Diverse Content Types

Content comes in various forms and shapes. And to make your life easier, we support all file types and formats for all our language services. If you don’t see a file type listed here, do contact our team  – they’ll help you.

Romanian Translations Customised For Your Industry

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Explore Our Other Romanian Services

Our certified linguists are native speakers of their target language
and fluent in their source language with expertise in their industry.

services - transcription

Romanian Transcription Services

Professional Romanian transcription services that meet the highest quality benchmarks for a range of business domains.

services - voiceover

Romanian Voice Over Services

Quality voice-overs for radio, television commercials, in-store announcements, video games, eLearning videos, phone menu options, and more.

Interpretation Services

Romanian Interpretation Services

Ensure smooth communication with business associates at conferences and meetings in Romanian speaking regions.

services - multilingual dtp - desktop publishing

Romanian Desktop Publishing Services

Get Romanian desktop publishing services for all your printed and digital branding material like labels, brochures, magazines, manuals, etc.

subtitling - greater visibility

Romanian Subtitling Services

Increase the reach of your audio and video content, from films and documentaries to social media videos.

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Did you know 13% of Europeans speak German as their first language? Target the European market with our German language services.

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Our certified linguists are native speakers of their target language and fluent in their source language with expertise in their industry.

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Translate By Humans has always been professional over the last 2 years; emails are answered within a few hours or less; the quality of translations is great; communication is always done in a timely manner. The workflow is comfortable, and they've adjusted their output to fit our needs. Highly recommended!
Dror Cohen
Head of Product
We've been very happy with the translation services provided by Translate By Humans. Everything was spot on and our clients were very pleased with the result.
Emilia Banea,
Production Manager
The translation provided by Translate By Humans has been put to use and our Korean suppliers have responded that it is very useful.
Assistant Manager
Quality of translations and emails answered within a few hours or less. Communications about issues or delays is always done in a timely manner. The workflow is comfortable, and they adjust their output to fit our needs. Highly recommended!

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