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Translate By Humans & WPML Join Hands To Empower WordPress Localisation

WordPress as a user-friendly Content Management System (CMS) powers one-fourth of the websites on the Internet. From college-goers writing their first blog to multi-vendor eCommerce stores hosted on WooCommerce, WordPress is an Internet behemoth.

WordPress commands a massive user base across the globe due to its user-friendliness and wide-array of free templates for diverse uses. The global user base leads to a subsequent need to localise the website content that every individual with varying linguistic backgrounds can read and understand.

Let’s assume you have a website that targets users located across countries and also where the languages change from region to region. Be it Chinese or Spanish, your website content needs to be translated into the local language that your audience speaks and understands. That is the secret sauce to driving user actions. WPML is a WordPress multilingual plugin that helps translate web content into any language effortlessly.

Any website owner can relate to the laborious task of localising and publishing web content in multiple languages. The manual process is time-consuming, often error-prone and is also unproductive. There are other complications too. Localisation done by amateurs or on your own with the help of publicly available tools can be grammatically and contextually wrong leading to serious miscommunication.

To lighten the burden of website admins, Translate By Humans has joined hands with WPML – a top-downloaded multilingual plugin used by 400,000+ WordPress websites. WPML translation is counted as the industry-leading WordPress plugin that can translate any complicated website content ranging from high-profile corporate websites to single-page personal blogs.

Translate By Humans is excited at this new association with WPML as a preferred translation expert. The new integration will enable website admins to push their website content for localisation by Translate By Humans’ language experts. Also, WPML has a well-decked translation dashboard that allows site managers to filter content based on its current translation status. From the filtered content, site managers can choose which content should be translated into which language.

Once the translation tasks are completed, they are sent back to the website admins, who can publish it on their multilingual websites without any further loss of time. WPML and Translate By Humans integration open up a world of more than 40+ languages for localisation.

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